This page describes how to manage the site in relation to the processing of personal data of users that use it.

This information is given to art. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 - Protection of personal data to those who interact with web services, telematic access starting from:

httpHYPERLINK ""://

corresponding to the homepage of the official website.

The information is only for the web site and not to other Web sites accessed by links within the site  published by third parties (registered user).

The information is based on Recommendation 2/2001 by the European authorities for the protection of personal data gathered in the Group established bt 29's Directive 95/46, adopted 17 May 2001 to identify the minimum requirements for collecting personal data online, and in particular the methods and the nature of the information that data controllers must supply users when they connect to web pages, regardless of the purpose of the link.

The recommendation and a brief description of its purpose can be found on this page.


Following consultation of this site may be processed data for companies, public agencies,freelancers and private users to identify, at least in part, through their profile.

The owner of treatment is XXX, based in XXX.


Treatment related to the services on this web site are at the office of and is carried out by XXX. The physical data are outsourced to a dedicated server exclusively for this service, at the headquarters of Aruba Spa, Italy. The server is accessible only by the responsible of the processing of data. No data from the web site is disclosed to third parties unless explicit consent solicitation. The site is available only to persons upper 18 years: in the case of the busines accounts must be age as a necessary condition for a company letterhead and a VAT number (required component for the user registration), while in the case of private account is required, the age is checked during the registration by entering the date of birth. The information given must be real.

The personal information provided by users who register are only used to be able to run the proposed services and improve it and are not disclosed to third parties for any reason. In the case of business accounts, other registered users to also with business account can view our profile information that we have decided to "publish" by our privacy settings (see "Types of data" for an explanation more detailed), while all the data entered for a private account will never be made public in any way and anyone.


Navigation data

Computer systems and software used to operate this web site acquire, during their normal operation, some non-sensitive data whose transmission is implicit in the communication protocols of the Internet.

This information is collected to be associated with identified to enable the maintenance and monitoring of the website.

This category includes two types of data collection: in the first case the IP addresses used by users who connect to the site, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of requested resources, the time of request, type of browser , type of device (PC or mobile phone) to obtain anonymous statistics on site usage and to verify the website proper operation by the administrator (these data could also be used to ascertain responsibility in case of IT crimes damaging the site or third party), while in the second case, the user's category, the business sector, country, state, and the language being collected by surfing on the pages of advertising and display products. These data will be collected in a totally anonymous and will have statistics of business intelligence for your profile.

Data provided compulsorily and voluntarily by user


BUSINESS ACCOUNT: During registration will be required of mandatory data (name, VAT, e-mail, Language), not sensitive, which will be stored always, in order to create a unique profile for the new user.The information given must be real and before activating the new account you will receive a registration confirmation via email with a wizard to activate your account and check the real property of the account.

PRIVATE ACCOUNT: When you sign up will be required of the mandatory data (Name, E-mail address, date of birth, language), non-sensitive, which will be stored indefinitely in order to create a unique profile for the new user. After registration you will be prompted to complete your profile by adding the following non-sensitive data required: nation and gender. The information given must be real and before activating the new account will receive a registration confirmation by e-mail with a wizard to activate your account and check the real property's of the account.

       Volunteers and privacy settings

BUSINESS ACCOUNT: The data may relate to volunteers completing of your company profile, the voluntary inclusion of their products (even if covered by copyright), case studies associated with products, photos (even if protected by copyright), insertion of new posts (messages board) in your user profile or others, voluntary inclusion of feedbacks to the site and the placement of advertising, all the while with non-sensitive data. is not responsible for text, phrases, words and photos posted by registered users, if they are offensive, false, copyrighted or otherwise. In any case, everything is logged and in case of improper violation of the law will determine who committed the crime.The responsibilities will be only of the user that pubblished that.

The compilation of its total business profile is necessary to increase the authenticity of the profile and allows for better use and leverage the services of this web site. In this case, to ensure high privacy of this data, the user can decide whether or not to publish any piece of data entered. Voluntary inclusion of your products within your profile allows other users to know your products and services. In this case, as a plus, you may decide to include one or more case study (success stories) for each product and to ensure the privacy of this new information you entered, you can decide which category of users can view theese of information. If user inserting pictures in his profile, automatically accept that these are made public to all users that require the display. is not responsible for copyright violations and the responsibility will be of the user who posted them. Even the inclusion of new  posts in your personal dashboard may be regulated by privacy. In this case, you can decide whether its own post public or private (only appear to users connected to us, our partners added, customers added or more)If you answer to a post of a different user, the information will be visible to other users depending on the type of privacy chosen by owner of the post, so if made public to all registered users will eventually see information, otherwise only users connected to the owner of the post will see the information. In the case of placement feedback to the web site that, once examined by the staff, will be made public immediately on the feedbacks page to all users outside the site. In this case then, even to unregistered users can view the feedback, unlike all other data entered instead are only visible if the user is registered to, which at the time of  inclusion of feedback you automatically accept to make it public to everyone. In the case next to the insertion of targeted advertising, the advertiser user once published an insertion, it will automatically publish to all registered users, but soon you could filter what categories of users make it available.

The inclusion optional and voluntary for other non-sensitive data acquisition involves the registered user of the latter at any time.
Specific summary information will be progressively reported or displayed on web pages dedicated to particular services on request. The information entered will be changed whenever you want, going on the "My Profile" and clicking on the "Edit Profile Data".

Recall that does not ever shipment of mail to users who register, but each user can choose one or more "moments" between those in the list to receive a briefing on the news happened to her profile (Example: new e-mail, responses to my posts, etc.).. To enable \ Disable this Brief by email, access and in home page and myprofile's page will be available in a special small menu "Brief".

PRIVATE ACCOUNT: The data may relate to volunteers inclusion of the province of residence for your profile and compilation of your work history where they will be required for each work experience the following information: Company Name, Working Role, start date, finish date (or "in progress")  and a brief description of activity. All non-sensitive data entered will be saved on our server indefinitely to allow viewing to the users at every access, but will still edit and delete them directly from the owner user and will not be shown to anyone. The compilation of their work history will be used for a future job search services.

       Other data type

In addition to the data that the user can manually enter mandatory or not, there is an other type of data to be taken into account and it's the view\management of the users related to your profile (added as business partners, customers or other). To connect user to your profile, the user "A" makes a request to "link" to user "B" and the latter if it deems appropriate,can accept the request. All users connected to your profile can be divided into groups so they can be managed more easily. In this case there will be a special part of the management of privacy in "My partner" on the page of "My Profile" for which you can choose which groups of users connected to your profile,can be visible in your profile for all other users and which ones to keep hidden.

Any activity on site is stored in history without time limits, so it will be available in subsequent accesses. This is to provide you with a complete service, with all of your data you need.


No personal user data is acquired from the site through cookies.

The use of cookies by is only to store the original language set for the site.

The use of session cookies (which are not permanently stored on your computer and disappear when the browser is closed) is strictly limited to transmitting session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server or non-sensitive data) necessary to enable a safe and efficient website.

The session cookies used in this site avoid the use of other techniques could potentially compromise the privacy of the users and not allow the acquisition of personal identification data.


Apart from that specified for navigation data and data required for registration, the user is free to provide personal information requested on the form for updating profile, products, case studies, insertion of new posts and work history,etc. (See "Types of Data processed" for more information)

Their absence can make it impossible to obtain or can not take full advantage of certain services available on site.

It must be remembered that in some cases (not the ordinary management of this site) the Authority may request information under Article 157 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, in order to control the processing of personal data. In these cases reply is obligatory under penalty of a fine.


The non-sensitive personal data are processed by automated tools to achieve the purposes for which they were collected, namely to ensure an improved customer service and improve our site and make it more simple and usable.

Specific security measures are taken to prevent data loss, misuse or improper and unauthorized access, including an important measure of safety and security of SSL website.

We want to remind again that is not responsible for the information entered by users and from uploaded of files if they are offensive, not truthful, sensitive, copyrighted or any other type of offense or illegal. The responsibility is only of the users who posted the data. In any case, you can report these types of crime through the appropriate instrument "report abuse" and our staff will take steps to achieving.


The subjects whose personal data have the right at any time to obtain confirmation of the existence of the data and to know its origin, verify its accuracy or request its integration, updating or rectification (art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003).

Pursuant to this Article shall have the right to request the deactivation or blocking of data treated in violation of law, and oppose any case, for legitimate reasons, their treatment.
 In this case your data will not be visible by any users, even if physically reside on our servers for security reasons. Unsubscribe requests should be sent to from by clicking on the "Unsubscribe" and filling the form and at the end you will receive an email unsubscription with a link to click to confirm your unsubscription.

If a lots of abuse reports sent by others against your profile, staff will evaluate the situation and will have the option at any time, without notice, to disable the offending account and also making unavailable reactivation.

Any data in your profile can be changed, deleted or made non-public at any time.


This privacy statement is read automatically by newer browsers that implement the P3P (Platform for Privacy Preferences Project) proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium (

Every effort will be made to make the most possible features of this site with the mechanisms of automatic control of privacy in some products used by users.

Considering that the state of automatic control does not make them free from errors or malfunctions, it is stated that this document, published at " " ,

represents the “Privacy Policy” of this site will be updated always available to the page listed. By registering and confirming your subscription, you accept this privacy policy.